Every Tuesday night during the academic year, students gather at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church for a delicious evening meal. Everyone has a chance to share news from their week – all news is welcome whether it’s absolutely terrific or kind of mediocre, even if it’s bad news the community listens and supports one other. After the meal students can stay to engage in the program offered that week. Programs vary during the semester – could be anything from ‘make your own musical instrument night’ to conversations about advocacy and faith and even going to the natural history museum on campus for  ‘Dinosaur Night’!

Sunday mornings are great for sleeping in, and now it doesn’t mean you have to miss church! 

Sometimes when we gather with the intention of having bible study, we get distracted. Topics of conversation that have resulted from such distractions include ‘what is a methodist?’ ‘Do Lutherans believe in Purgatory?’ and ‘How many different Pauls are in the bible?”

Small groups are a great way to get connected! Want to read and discuss a book with several other students? There’s a small group book club for you! Want to keep up your arts and crafts hobbies while in college? There’s a “friday crafternoon club” just for you! Maybe you need a “Do Nothing” small group to make sure you’re not 100% busy 100% of your time. Small groups can be whatever you need them to be, you can easily create one of your own!

When we’re not concerned with a global pandemic we like to travel! In the past we’ve had student trips to Guatemala, Israel, Palestine,  and Spain!  We also take fun weekend trips – sometimes to camp, to ski, to retreat with campus ministry students from other universities, last year we went to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Balloon Festival!

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