Welcome Week 2019!

Let us help you grow into a new year on campus. Find us at one of our welcome back events!

Hiking! – We’re meeting up on Saturday before classes to do some light hiking. Meet at St. Aidan’s, then we’ll drive to the trailhead. Be sure to bring a water bottle.

Worship at Grace Lutheran Church on the Hill (1001 13th St) starts on Sunday, 8/25 at 9:30am. If the Episcopal Church is more your style, worship happens at 8am and 10am over at St. Aidan’s (2425 Colorado Ave).

Bread+Belonging – Our weekly meal and program gets started on Tuesday, August 27 at 6pm at St. Aidan’s. We’ve got a delicious home-cook meal followed by an opening campfire. Check. It. Out.

Be Involved Fair – Find us at the student organizations fair on Wednesday, August 28 from 2-6pm on Norlin Quad. We’re giving away succulents!!!

Ice Cream! – The Sweet Cow Ice Cream Truck will be at St. Aidan’s from Noon-2pm on Thursday, August 29 giving away ice cream!